Our Mission
Our Mission

The Organization

The Vienna NGO Committee on the Family was established in 1985 as a platform for sharing information on family-related issues. Initially supported by the United Nations Center for Social Development and Humanitarian Affairs, its purpose is to facilitate and coordinate activities of Non-Governmental Organizations (NGOs) at the United Nations interested in family matters. The committee aims to connect NGOs with the UN, governments, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs), and research institutions.

Our Mission & Services

The committee has evolved into a bridge between family-focused CSOs, the United Nations, Member States, governments, and academic institutions. It serves as a liaison and provides knowledge resources on family issues.

These resources are accessible through online networks, including www.civilsocietynetworks.org, the online archive of the tenth anniversary of the United Nations International Year of the Family (IYF) in 2004 at www.10yearsIYF.org, and www.20yearsIYF.org to commemorate IYF+20 in 2014. The Committee publishes the Quarterly Bulletin Families International, available for download on its homepage: www.viennafamilycommittee.org.